Maintenance of laboratory control systems FL 200-205


  • System components usually do not require maintenance.
  • There is a separate maintenance manual for the control system of the fume cupboard.
  • Malfunctions of the motor dampers that adjust the supply air flows are manifested as abnormal running noises or incorrect pressure ratios in the room. First check the operation of fans and fire dampers. If the problem persists, contact us.
  • If the system includes a separate pressure control sensor, it is automatically reset and does not require maintenance. If the pressure control system still does not work, also visually check the closing of the doors, the operation of the door switches and the tightness of the room.

System operation checks

It is a good idea to check the operation of the system periodically. The inspection schedule is decided on a laboratory-by-laboratory basis. Annual inspections are usually sufficient. However, the system should always be tested and, if necessary, adjusted after ventilation changes made to the laboratory.

The inspection measurement is usually carried out together with the inspection of the fume cupboard. During the inspections, the necessary adjustments are also made.


Elker Oy takes care of the recycling of decommissioned components in accordance with regulations.