Laboratory facilities

The safety and usability of laboratories is a broad entity. Mapping of usage needs, planning, technical solutions, installations and introduction create the ingredients for a successful outcome. User training is also an important part of security.

The pressure ratios between the different spaces must be kept at the planned levels, even though the air volumes vary according to the positions of the fume cupboard sashes. The overall ventilation of the laboratory is affected by various target exhausts, air-conditioned chemical storage and also thermal conditions. The entity must be taken into account when adjusting the amount of exhaust and supply air.

Fume cupboard systems

In terms of employee safety, it is important to try to prevent the migration of harmful substances out of the fume cupboard into the breathing zone.

Protecting and warning the employee from contaminants released from the fume cupboard guarantees a productive and safe work environment.

Traditionally, the exhaust air volume of fume cupboard is constant or it is adjusted with a min/max switch. This does not guarantee a safe working environment in all situations and also consumes a disproportionate amount of energy. The ventilation control system of fume cupboard usually keeps the sash opening air flow at a constant 0.5 m/s.

In order to function, the ventilation control system for fume cupboard requires control of the air flows in the entire space, which is taken care of with the room system. A system that functions in the right way also allows for great energy savings, when air is removed only according to the actual need.

Room systems

The laboratory room must have negative pressure in order to prevent the spread of dangerous and harmful chemicals to other rooms. Pressurizing the laboratory protects it from external impurities.

The pressure ratios are kept at the designed levels by measuring air volumes and pressure difference with a separate pressure sensor. Based on the measurement, the supply/exhaust air volume is adjusted. In addition, an alarm is given when the set value deviates.