FL 205

Digital room exhaust and supply air flow adjustment system

The laboratory’s digital ventilation system takes care of the workers while keeping the pressure ratios at the desired level.

System properties

  • Several exhaust and supply air devices can be connected to the system.
  • The controls are learning and utilize the exhaust and supply air flow data from previous situations.
  • The FL 205 system can also be connected to a room thermostat, general exhaust control, targeted exhausts, and room and duct branch pressure control.
  • The pressure ratios between the different spaces can be maintain desirable.
  • Internal data transfer takes place on the RS 485 bus (FL 205) and with a current message.
  • Data from the systems can be transferred to building automation.
  • Introduction, start-up and training are included in the delivery.
  • Our systems have numerous references in Finland and abroad.
  • Pressure control systems can also be connected to fume cupboard rooms.