The story of Fanison Oy

The beginning of Fanison Oy’s story goes back to 1996, when Kari Kakkonen and Jouko Eloranta decided to start their own business. Right from the start, the core idea was to develop and create a market for modern laboratory ventilation control systems. The company’s unique name embodies the essential requirement for critical ventilation: “Fan is on”. It was noteworthy that such advanced solutions had not been used in Finland before, and thus Fanison acted as a domestic pioneer in its field. The basis for the product solution was the development of electronics, which enabled the introduction of new advanced device technology.

The starting company’s financial resources were quite limited at the beginning, and individual orders did not yet bring a continuous flow of income. Due to this, income financing was also obtained to support the operation through consulting and development projects aimed at industry, especially the work environment. As a significant special implementation, Fanison created an acoustic hatch developed for smoke extraction, which was used in many demanding locations such as cinemas and concert halls.

Entering the market and creating it was a demanding process. It required numerous fair visits and demonstrations year after year. However, projects were implemented time and time again, and through that, references were also created. The high-quality work produced results, and so Fanison was able to realize even large projects. The best thing has been the continuation of customer cooperation throughout the company’s operation, Eloranta and Kakkonen recall.

Over the decades, Fanison became a concept and a synonym as a supplier of ventilation systems for demanding laboratory and pressure rooms. This was helped by the culture formed in the company, where the functionality of the system is a matter of honor.

At the end of 2019, a significant acquisition took place in the industry, when the family company Visu Kaluste Oy bought the shares of Fanison Oy. Strong brands continue to be used and thus Fanison’s operations have continued in the same familiar way, humbly listening to and helping customers. During the change phase, the permanence and commitment of the personnel and the special expertise of Eloranta and Kakkonen facilitated the smooth continuation of operations.

In 2022, Fanison underwent a brand overhaul and launched a new website. The future will enable even better customer service in terms of personnel, services, systems and product groups. In the same year, Ari Hentunen, who has been responsible for sales and business management for the last few years, became a partner in the company. With these steps, a new page is turned in Fanison’s story, with our original slogan still describing the core of our operations: -Air In Control- Fanison implements demanding ventilation systems in environments where there is no room for error.