Design instruction

Instructions for planning and installation

Not all technical details can be found in the product brochures, so to ensure the optimal success of the projects, we hope that the designers will contact us.

For example, it is best to clarify the min/max limits of controls, alarm limits, messages to home automation, temperature controls, CO2 controls, enhancement possibilities, under/over pressurization and contract forms and limits directly with us.

AutoCad files

Examples of control diagrams for the fume cupboard system

Pressure control system control diagram example

Product databases of our control dampers for MagiCAD programs

Other instructions

Work explanation model texts about the alarms and control systems of fume cupboard. Transfer the data to your use with the copy command.

Pressure loss information: see inlet air control damper ACU and fume cupboard exhaust air damper FHD (tables at the end of the aforementioned documents)

Design instruction SO-1 (recommended values and other considerations)

Design instruction SO-2 (recommended channel air flow)

Installation instructions AO-1 (protection distances and position of motors)

General information about different ways of adjusting the air flow of fume cupboard.