FL 105

The digital adjustment system of the fume cupboard for demanding laboratories

The FL 105 system can be used to keep the air flow in the fume cupboard sash opening constant by adjusting the amount of exhaust air

System properties

  • The sash’s position and speed sensors react quickly to changes
  • The operating time of the control damper is less than two (2) seconds
  • Alarms about failure situations are transmitted to the employee by flashing lights and sound signals
  • The emergency switch enables forced control of air flows
  • It is possible to connect the control system to the FL 205 overall solution
  • Energy is saved with a learning air flow control system
  • The presence detector can be used to enhance energy control if desired
  • Damper made of acid-resistant steel or PVC
  • FL 105 can be connected to most building automation systems
  • Modbus compatibility
  • CE compliant

The first adjustment of the air flow in the fume cupboard is done quickly according to the position of the sash. Another focus adjustment takes place at the same time based on the speed measurement. The system adjusts the exhaust air damper and keeps the desired air flow in the sash opening (usually 0.5 m/s).

The system remembers the focus adjustments it has made and uses them in its subsequent adjustments. The system learns all the time and is able to take into account the individual characteristics of the fume cupboard and the ductwork.