FP 304

The adjustable pressure ratio control system for hospitals to be connected to the control damper, equipped with a key switch

The FP 304 system can be used to monitor and maintain the pressure relationships between rooms. The hospital’s pressure ratio monitoring and control system enables the desired conditions for various patient and pharmacy facilities.

System properties

  • Areas of use in hospitals, e.g. isolation rooms (excess/negative pressure), pharmacy rooms
  • The pressure ratio between the modes can be changed, for example, with a key switch
  • There are two or three setting values in the range -50…+50 Pa (typically -5 / 0 / +5 Pa)
  • Alarms about malfunction situations are transmitted to the employee by indicator lights and sound signals
  • Alarm and pressure display transferable to other systems
  • Setting values programmable (desired pressures, alarm limits, delays, etc.)
  • The opening of the doors can be taken into account with door switches
  • An alarm is received from a door left open
  • Several additional screens can be connected to the system