Maintenance of the laboratory control system FL 103-105


  • System components usually do not require maintenance.
  • The air flow sensor that measures the flow of the sash opening of the fume cupboard is of the semiconductor type. Post-calibration of the sensor is not required.
  • The mechanical components of the system are fast fume cupboards equipped with a position sensor and a sash position sensor.
  • The system monitors malfunctions of the mechanical components independently. If there is a malfunction in the system, the service indicator light on the cabinet panel lights up.
  • The system indicates malfunctions of the air flow adjusting motor dampers with air flow alarms.

System operation checks

t is a good idea to check the operation of the system periodically. The inspection schedule is decided on a laboratory-by-laboratory basis. Annual inspections are usually sufficient. However, the system should always be tested and, if necessary, adjusted after ventilation changes made to the laboratory.

The inspection measurement is carried out for every fume cupboard and room. The check measurement includes:

Checking the sash opening air flow
Alarm operation and limits
MAX switch operation
Operation of the ON/OFF switch
Checking the pressure ratios in the rooms

During the inspections, the necessary adjustments are also made.


Elker Oy takes care of the recycling of decommissioned components in accordance with regulations.

Panel user manual

We are happy to deliver user manual stickers for the panels by post as needed.